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these rigs are like women as soon as u have made peace frm the last screw up something elese happens and ur way over you head agin ..... This time i have a strange noise in the back of the motor / trans area.... is a clicking or a Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise it is not a knock!!!! 360 with a 727 .. it dost it loauder in gear at idle than in park.... sounds resembles the clicking noise a faling speedo drive makes if that is any help..... all the fulids are up ... does the 727 act this way if having a fluid prob.... ie colged filter? or should i just b driveing close to home so when i here the clunk and it wont moves i can save my daws frm a long ass hike??????
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update i have had time to go under and look n listen .... sounde like in the tranny ... o yea wazz it meen when there is fresh fluid resadue on the bell houseing.... torq converter going out?
well u guys wer right agin ... broken ear on flex plate and two lose boltzz ... but the tranny is goin to the shop cuz im not going to take it out just to change the flex plate.. daum that friggin t case is heavy...
okey it is out ... im thinkin of getin a shift kit for it and a mopar alumin pan ... changing the u joints a rv flex plate ... anythin im over lookin please chime in .....
hey fellas i got a flex plate ... i got a b&m so i can sleep at night that it wont fail anytime soon... is it just a bolt on and torq install ... the instructions said as that if it had block work done on it it needs special attention... mine is bone stock ?

wht it the proper way of installing
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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