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Hubs on 88 RC

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I received some pix of the 88 RC that I plan to buy tomorrow. The aluminum wheels look in great shape, but the "hubs" are rusty. Is this something I can buy and replace? Looks as if they are chrome or were chrome. Also, I have a FSM on 85 Ram, RC etc. Will this do me any good on my"new" 88?
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85 FSM will do some good except for the fuel system as the 88 will be TBI, & other things.
I'd just try some chrome polish on the hubs first. I cleaned mine after I put the balljoints in, now 4 months later they look older than the truck. They might be OK.
they ar still a stock item at the dealer../// or you can clean all of the chrome from them and paint them w/ the chrome silver spray paint... then spray them w/ clear they will last 6 to 8 mos ;D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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