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how to repair the 1988-1990 TBI fuel snding unit [ saggy er broken nipples ] by Squads 51

After careful consideration of the various options presented both on here and a few long distance calls....and I thank you all for your thoughts on this problem....I give you all the results:

Pic #1....removed the bed
IMG_3399.jpg (64.26KiB)

Pic #2....source of fuel leakage, old hoses and broken fitting

2.jpg (47.93KiB)

Pic #3....closer view

3.jpg (55.27KiB)

Pic #4....pump/sending unit out of tank and draining residual gas

4.jpg (64.36KiB)

Pic #5....another unit I got from Leon, unfortunately the fittings had been cut off at the locking ridge,
so I used it as a "practice" piece....

5.jpg (50.39KiB)

Pic #6....unit dis-assembled

6.jpg (144.53KiB)

Pic #7....hole drilled out same diameter as new fitting

7.jpg (40.27KiB)
pic # 7 1/2 these are the new parts store bought lines [ they need to be cut to length ]

9110173_dor_800159_pri_larg.jpg (6.86KiB)

Pic fitting installed and re-assembled

8.jpg (82.66KiB)

Pic #9....side view of unit

9.jpg (96.37KiB)

Pic #10....JBWeld used to fill/close any gaps between fitting and plastic top

10.jpg (64.79KiB)

Pic #11....boot/sleeve that unit sits in at bottom of tank

11.gif (24.83KiB)

Pic #12....finished product re-installed in tank

12.jpg (64.77KiB)

Now to put the bed back on....or hold off for a little bit and see if another, more heavy duty one, shows up in the yard.... ::)


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this is from Dcrusher as an update to whats above

Well with help from DodgeBoy and others I figured out how to fix snapped off supply and return line nipples so here the scoop on the whole process don’t panic it’s real easy just take it slow and you’ll be good.
You have to buy a couple of lines from Autozone and adapted them to work

you have to drill out the hole to be bigger BUT take your time you want a snug fit around the tubing. Once your done the return line was tight BUT the supply line I could still push up of down so I’ll put some JB Weld around both of them just to secure but it should be go to go.

41D8BA08-11E5-42F8-AF87-298F8506857F.jpeg (1.89MiB)


1296926B-2BAC-4A1F-882F-8ACCCCBFCCDD.jpeg (1.32MiB)

926337DF-2671-4E1E-B29E-C50FA42CE6DC.jpeg (1.52MiB)

2561056D-DEEF-40A9-B460-97AB7A28E770.jpeg (1.76MiB)

FAF1FB5D-7958-4905-8AEF-211BED208329.jpeg (1.78MiB)

DBAABE93-E174-44DF-B944-6067628D0D09.jpeg (1.87MiB)

4C21DB69-E4AE-47CB-99D1-8EF31BE05AFC.jpeg (1.76MiB)

33EFBC9A-AF9C-411E-9BF8-D88C73757E28.jpeg (1.8MiB)

35C640D0-0E44-4800-984B-073CEA085476.jpeg (1.42MiB)

fuel line repair kit at Advanced Auto ... epair+Kits ... epair+Kits
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