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Submitted By: RC84
Date: November 16, 2008, 11:58:09 PM
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How to install a BDS 5" lift kit - RC84

above is a photo of the truck pre lift, when we pulled it into my back yard. We started out by supporting the rear end of the truck,(how you do this is your call).

we then supported the rear axle of the truck with jack stands, placed a third stand under the pinion so that it would prevent the housing from tilting forward once the u-bolts were cut.

once everything was supported, we then cut the old u-bolts, and removed the old shocks.

after that we torched out the old leaf springs

once the old springs were removed, we then cleaned up the surrounding metal on the shackle and hanger, we had to press the lower shackle bolts out of the shackles. if you don't have access to a press most auto parts stores do and will do it for you for a fee of course. When everything was cleaned up to our minimal standards, we then installed the new rear springs, they went in without any problems, word of advice though, if you have problems getting the bushings for any of the springs or shocks, lube them up in dish soap, it works great. we then hung the new rear shocks on the upper mount. and bolted up the rest of the rear end. and it was complete on the backside.

below is a picture of the rear lift completed on 32" tires.

Front lift

the front lift was just as easy, no problems. we started off on the front on the second day,we started again by supporting the front axle(again how you do this is your call.)

Once you're supported, remove the old u-bolts and old springs.

When you have the old springs out, begin working on the spring studs on the pass side, these are usually easy to remove, w/ a stud puller, or jam-nut method.

Once you have successfully removed the old studs, install the new ones, with plenty of loc-tite(i get it free so i use it to my disposal), just thread these in until tight with a nut on the top finer threaded section, but not to the point where you can't remove the nut.

When you have reached this point, go through and lengthen any brake lines, electric lines or vacuum lines, that may need it, on this particular truck we had to lengthen the electrical and vacuum lines for the CAD unit.

After you've lengthened all the lines, etc. go through and install your front springs, and shocks.

Next step is to install the 4 inch steering spacer block, this is done by heating the hell out of the three studs on your left hand knuckle, popping the cones out, and many methods were used in this process, i ended up welding a nut onto the top of the stud, and breaking it loose with an impact wrench since the stud puller wouldn't break it loose for the life of me. installing the block is easy, the removal of the studs though isn't. but once that is done, bolt your tires back on, let it off the jacks, and congratulations you have just installed a bds 5" kit on your dodge! In our particular situation with this truck, once we lowered it off the stands, we went to roll it, and due to this truck having a 518od transmission, it sat back approximately 6 inches further back than my 727/208 backed RC, so the lift created too much of a pitch on the driveline, to cure this problem, i took some 1" x 2.5" x 1/8" rectangular channel, and fabbed up a 1 inch transmission/transfercase drop, installed at the t-case cross member. The drop solved all the problems of any bind we were having. Then the lift was complete. Below are pics of the truck after lift in action.

well, i hope my attempt at a how to is helpful to at least one person, if it is, then my time is not wasted in typing this. the BDS 5" lift usually retails at around 850$ or so, and comes with everything we needed to do the lift with the exception of the t-case drop, and my only complaints on it are,i feel it should've came with new sway bar endlinks, and a dropped pitman arm instead of a 4 inch block. but all in all, it is a great lift, very effective, ride extremely well, and seems to do well in every application, flex's relatively decent 32" up front and 35" out back with 36"x16.50x15 dick cepek's. I'd recommend this lift to anyone wishing to lift their truck 5 inches for a relatively decent price.

--Zach snydeR--

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