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Ok here is a cheap way to get brighter headlights.

First this might not help people with newer models. But you can check to see. Get an ohm meter. Set it for dc volts. With the lights on an engine running. Check to see how much voltage is get to the light. Now check the battery voltage. If they are the same stop here this wont help you. If the voltage at the light is less than the battery. This will help.

  • test light or a volt meter
  • wire crimper pliers

  • 2 30 amp relays
  • 2 30 amp inline fuse holders (I used the blade type)
  • a handfull of different types of staycons
  • a small amount of wire
First you need to find the wires that go to the headlight. Try to locate they as close to the battery as possible. Find the low beam wire with the test light. Your are going to use that one to turn the first relay on. Hook it (the hot end)to the relay's trigger pole.The wire that goes to the light hook it to the relays output pole.

Take the inline fuse an holder hook it to the battery post. That wire goes to the power pole on the relay. All the grounds I ran to the battery.

Now do the other relay the same way for the hi-beam.

Always disconnect the battery when working on the wiring.

If you dont think this will help. Try this. With the motor running an the lights on. Run a wire from the battery to the hot pole on your headlight.

This is like the four headlight system kit you can get from Painless Wiring.

But instead of lighting up all four your just relaying battery voltage directly to the headlights.

By motoheadRon

Weak Link: Weak Headlights

Models affected: 1974 to 1993 RamChargers/Ram Trucks

What happens: Weak electrical system causes
            less than ideal power to the headlights

Strong Fix Install electrical relays in the headlight circuit.
         Relays allow full battery current to reach the headlights.
         A necessity if you install aftermarket H4 conversion headlights.
         Using two Bosch (or equivalent) 30 amp relays, wire them as follows:
        High Beam Relay
        Terminal 30: Battery
        Terminal 87: BLUE headlight wires
        Terminal 85: Ground
        Terminal 86: RED wire from factory wiring

        Low Beam Relay
        Terminal 30: Battery
        Terminal 87: WHITE headlight wires
        Terminal 85: Ground
        Terminal 86: BLACK/RED wire from factory wiring
        Terminal 87a (if present) is not used    Â

Use 10ga wire for the battery and ground side and 14ga for splicing into the factory wiring. Make sure your crimps are tight and use heat shrink tubing for a waterproof, insulated connection.Your headlights will now get full battery current and will be noticeably brighter.

There are aftermarket harnesses available to make the install even easier

Painless Performance #30815.

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