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Submitted By: aepowell
Date: February 10, 2009, 02:29:43 AM
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How to Clean Out Your Suitcase - aepowell

(Figure 1)​

This is what it looked like after I scraped some of it off . I just used my fingernails and scraped in a downward motion.

(Figure 2)​

Another picture

(Figure 3)​

All cleaned up. I used a vacuum cleaner to suck it all out. There is a spray that you can buy at any place they sell air conditioning parts that will really clean the evap. up.

(Figure 4)​

This is what came out.

(Figure 5)​

This is what was covering the evap.

(Figure 6)​

Make a cover out of thin sheet metal or plastic. I used a piece 7x5x1/16. Run a bead of rtv around perimiter.

(Figure 7)​

Use small sheet metal screws to attach it. Anybody can make one of these with common shop tools. I just scribed the marks for the holes and drilled them on a drill press. A good drill will do.

(Figure 8 )​

Add a little masking tape

(Figure 9)​

Add a little dupli-color flat black engine paint (because that what I had) and wal'la you're finished.

(Figure 10)​

This is the coolant bypass valve I got off of an 90 Daytona Turbo fwd Chrysler car. This will keep the hot water out of the heater core.

(Figure 11)​

This is the cyciing switch (81-86 only). I pulled the copper wire(capulary tube) out about 2. inches. Its the wire with the white grease on it. The more of the wire that is in the capulary tube the shorter the cycle.

(Figure 12)​

There is another switch (low pressure) on the left side It cuts the compressor off when it gets low on freon (81-86 only). Here is a picture of that switch. The one on the left is the stock dodge switch the one on the right is an adjustable one I got off of a mid 90's Hyundai. This switch will allow you to have some ajustment on the low side.

(Figure 13)​

This is a picture of the end results It pulls down to 45 degrees at idle sitting in the texas sun at 94 degrees . On the way to work tonight it pulled down to 40 degrees. My 2000 Blazer doesn't do any better than that.

(Figure 14)​
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