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how much more?

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anybody know how much more a 440 weighs than a 360? i was looking at lift kits and talked to a guy from rocky mountain suspension and he reccomends that i run the deisel lift due to the extra weight. what do you guys think?
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440's are considerably heavier than 360's(sorry don't have any actual weights), but the Diesel springs should be overkill.
According to this table I found, a 360 weighs 550 lbs, while a 440 weighs 670, making a difference of 120 lbs. Here's that website I didn't find anything like this for diesels, the closest thing i found was the weight for a MARINE GRADE 5.9 Cummins, and that was like 1100 lbs. I don't know if this is how much a Cummins in a Dodge truck weighs though.
diesel springs to much even for that big block...... not only are they 1 ton springs there beefed for twice the weight. you'll have to have a kidney transplant if you use those springs
I think I read somwhere that a CTD weighs 970 lbs. Could be wrong though, it happened once before. ::)
I would agree that diesel springs would be overkill.
ok then, the deisel kit is only like 40 bucks more or something like that. but i guess i'll go with the regular one.
if you make the 440 an aluminum(sp) head and intake motor the weight is only like 30-50lbs diffrent from a total cast 360. dad built one and had it weighed, dont have exact numbers
Before you rule out the diesel springs.. also consider if you'll be adding a heavier bumper, winch or what not to the front end. If you're getting them for a 3/4T diesel, I don't think they'd be that bad.. You're adding some extra weight, have room to add even more accessories, and since you don't have as much weight compressing them.. you'll probably pick up a little more height as well.
Aaron Wyse
The arch is the arch of the spring it won't change between the regular spring and the deisel spring, however the rate is what is going to be different and the rate is how it is gonna ride, it would kinda suck to have to mount a plow to the front of the truck just so it rides ok
this is true, but if he has designs on a RAMMAN style bumper, then those springs might be a good idea.

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