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How much does a 440 weigh?

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Im going to pick up a 440 for my truck this weekend. I was wondering how much it weighs. I drive a 2000 Chevy 1/2 ton ( I know , I know) and i wanted to know how much my bed will sag while careing it. Thanks for the help
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about 750 lbs is what i've read. That probably includes the exhaust manifolds
Yeah for a MoPar big block you are looking at 750 Lbs with cast iron exhaust and intake.
A MoPar small block is around 650 lbs.
my book lists the weight as 670# including manifolds, small block at 550#.
thier heavier then that. Chevy small block is 525-550 and the small block mopar is at least 100 lbs heavier. I know the bare block 440 is 250 lbs with main caps and nothing else.
Where is the 440 block picking up so much weight over a 383?? I used to carry my 383 block by myself; and I was in no shape to carry anywhere near 250# at that time. I've seen the same published figures in several locations; and was just quoting those.
A 440 weighs more than a breadbox. No, wait. Its bigger than a breadbox. So it weighs less than a breadbox. If the breadbox weighs 800 lbs. Just moved a 361 BB block only yesterday. Could pick it if the ground but not much else. They roll easy though.
should not be prob to haul in a pu -- even a cheebby -- i hauled a complete 440, including all accessories and a 727 trans, loaded in my geo tracker from western mo. to lex, ky -- pulled behind my motor home. you'll like the 440, only way to go. i just put a heated up 440 in my 88 d150. have to drive it every day, if i need to go somewhere or not. good luck --sheriff
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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