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What size bolt pattern do I have?
That would depend on specifics of your truck/RC/TD.
On half tons:
2 wheel drive, all trucks up to 1985 had a 5 on 4.5 pattern, and after that, they had a 5 on 5.5 apttern.
On a 4x4, things get more complicated.
1975-79 part time 4x4 trucks had 5 on 4.5" pattern, trucks during this time with locking hubs had the 5 on 5.5" pattern
1980 and up use the 5 on 5.5 pattern
On 3/4 ton, and 1 tons, the bolt pattern is 8 on 6.5"

Additions to the site acronym decoder.
RC= Ramcharger
TD= Trailduster
Dak= Dakota

What kind of fuel injection do I have?
1988-1991 3.9L V6 & 5.2 (318) V8 have a TBI system
1989-1992 5.9L (360) V8 has a TBI system as well
1992 and on 3.9L V6, and 5.2L V8 have MPFI
1993 and on 5.9L v8's have MPFI systems as well.

What Is MPFI and TBI?
TBI= throttle body injection. this system is similar to a carburetor, except that it presurizes fuel and injects it into the engine via two injectors placed above the throttle blades.
MPFI= Multi Point Fuel Injection. this system uses the same number of fuel injectors as the engine has cylinders, placed to spray fuel at the intake valves when the valve is shut. since the valve is warm from fuel combustion, the vuel vapourizes, when the valve opens the fuel vapour enters the combustion chamber where the fuel is burned. a throttle body controls the flow of air into the engine, and sensors allow the engine to determine the proper amount of fuel to be delivered to each cylinder

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Ideally having a database set up where the member just enters in what he has and it spits out all info about that truck would be great. It would however take forever to get all of the information.

If anyone has ideas on how to do something like this let me know.
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