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Homemade Body Lift kits

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I saw a post earlier on this topic, but there were not many details about it. it was for making a body lift kit out of 3" diameter urethane cut into 3" lengths. what durometer urethane would be best for this? im in Vancouver, Canada, if that makes a difference, and its for a '75 Ramcharger.
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By the time you are done messing around with trying to make up homemade blocks, you could just buy individual blocks @ less than $4.00 each (4 Wheel Parts) and know that they will hold up.

Also, Shaggy's sells aluminum blocks at Off Road Exchange.
AZ-Trailduster said:
just out of curiousity...why does it say:

NOTE: We will not sell body lift kits to any customer who is going to or has installed any suspension lift kit. The manufacture does not recommend its product to be used with a suspension lift.

whats wrong with having both a suspension lift and a body lift?
I imagine it is due to the higher center of gravity. I bet that a past lawsuit (or threat of) is the reason for the disclaimer.
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