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Homemade Body Lift kits

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I saw a post earlier on this topic, but there were not many details about it. it was for making a body lift kit out of 3" diameter urethane cut into 3" lengths. what durometer urethane would be best for this? im in Vancouver, Canada, if that makes a difference, and its for a '75 Ramcharger.
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I dunno bout the homemade rubber body lift ,,but on my old rc i cut some 2 in pipe in 2 1/2 in pieces and welded 2 1/2 inch round washers to each end to kinda "cap" each piece,,,im thinking it was like 5 per side,effectively making "body lift blocks, then i took out the old bolts,,,got some bolts that were 2 3/4 inches longer than the stock ones,,,put the "lift blocks" between the frame and and the semi worn out bushings ,,,bolted em down tight and did some steering shaft mods,,,and alacazam,,,,,,,it was 2 1/2 inches taller than it was before,,,that let me run some worn out 36 in swampers with little rubbing in the front during hard off roadin and no rubbin in the rear ;D it was basicly a free lift except for the cost of the bolts ;D
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