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Holding amps steady???

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Seems like most every Dodge I have had, 1978 and older, does not hold a steady level on the ammeter gauge. I was pondering several things and was wondering if anyone has come up with some good solutions. I know the gauge itself seems to be a week spot on these old Dodges. My 1978 Ramcharger drops down considerably when I have say the defrost, lights and wipers on at the same time. The lights get dimmer and wipers slow down. Most all of the dodges I have had from the 70's and older have done this. Can this be improved with a heavy duty alternator? What about replacing the ammeter with a voltmeter? I have been told on the Mancini racing forum that you would not want to use a high performance voltage regulator on a stock street application. I have the 'orange box' ignition unit. I have a new battery and cable. I am going to run a good ground from the ground on the motor to the body. Any other recommendations? Thanks.

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ammeters will move alot when things are turned on such as wipers and lights. A bigger battery would help. Make sure all your grounds and cables are good. A 68 amp alt should be able to keep up with lights and stuff. Don't use the high performance MP regulaters. Just the parts store replacements should be good. In the past i've had quite abit of trouble with rebuilt alt. Lately they have been getting better quality.
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