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Here's my RC's website...

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I finally scanned some pics and learned a little HTML so here it rinky dink website.
I'll have a lot more stuff and links soon.
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damn nice looking RC!{cool}

Magitues said:
I wish the engine and drivetrain looked as good as the outside....; )
they are not too hard to detail. check out mopar_man's engine pics in his thread on big mo. going to do that to mine when it warms up some. and the drive train, i just used a tarp and masked off the whole body and used some chassis black in a wagner power sprayer. aluminum foil works good masking off stuff that you don't want to pull or be black.
trucklovencowgirl said:
Please don't take this the wrong way or offensively. But damn, that just made my %#[email protected]&! That is a beautiful truck.
{cool} :eek: ;D{bigeyes}{wave}{blush} :-X{smoke}
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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