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here i am again. lol

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ok guys, here i am again. still working on the problem of detonation here. I have replaced advance weight springs, from stock to performance back to stock. the timing is right on by last months mopar action mag and advance timing light. runs very well at idle and just off idle. killer torque. but at about half way through pedal travel it starts to detonate and then obviously loses power. where do i go now? 74 W100 with 69 318 w/ carter afb and 340 dual plane intake
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don't know what the compression is, 89 octane w/ ethanol, from what i was told by the previous owner the heads were planed, but i don't know how much. am wondering if bad wiring to ignition system could cause the detonation, because all the wiring in the ignition system is hard.
buddy of mine is going to get me a copy of the mp small block book for all the readings on the wires. it's not fried (per se) but it is hard as hell (i.e. brittle). must have started demanding more from the ignition when i got the timing right. I hope so. going to call my local dealer tomorrow about the wiring harness, i think you can buy that seperately. Brian T, will call you someday. let me know what times you are available, i work in Lincoln from 3-11 tues. thru Sat. might give you a call sometime this week.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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