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is there going to be a fee? if so help me please this got determine if i go or not?HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!!!
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Campground fees would be the only thing. If you're using a tent, your looking at a coupla bucks a day. Big whoopee....the spots are like 7 bucks a day, but I'm sure there are some members who will also be roughing it in the tents that would split a spot with ya ;D

There also will probably be a cost for a vehicle permit. Which if I remember correctly is $5 a day. If your rig is on a trailer, it is just part of the pass for the tow rig, IIRC.

How much is it for a yearly park permit. Here its only $14 bucks so if your going to be there for more than 2-3 days it would be worth it to just get the yearly one
good call, mike! i'll prolly get a season pass for the campground too! and one for the park would be great as well, seeing we're that close, might as well get the better deal!
You don't have to have a season pass for the park. It's free entry.

I called the park service its free to get in on foot vehical permit is $6.00 a day and of my memory is working the annual fee is $45.00 after March 31. camp fees are $7.50 a day and if you want water and power that another $7.50 a day. There phone # is 785-539-7941there open 8-4:30 m-f cst.
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