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I have a 1989 dodge d100 2wd 318 tbi.
the guy I bought it from , was a back yard guy , and him and his buddy tried to put a new tranmission in it. I have no idea what transmission it has in it! that is the problem. my shop manual doesn't have an identification section on trannies. just the vin. I have the numbers off of the transmission:

PI 4058328 6437 9732

can anyone help me? it needs a transmission , and I found one cheap and it is a 727 three speed just like this one , but this one won't shift into reverse or 3rd. the guy said in the description , it was drivable from sarasota to daytona. at least he gave me a price brake.

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the quick tranny id between the 727 and the 904 would be the little extrusion in pan shape, the 904 is rectangular, and the 727 has a little rounded area on the dipstick side , heres a few pix of a 70's 727 for ID purposes, im working on a post about em now
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