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Help with sb to cummins swap?

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Hi has anyone done the conversion from a small block to the desiel in a r/c? Was it worth while to you?,I love the squish bangers and am thinking of doing it.Are there any kits available for this swap or anything like that and also what is a used cummins going for these days? thanks for the help Mike.
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It's definately possible to swap a Cummins into a Ramcharger. To do it, you'll also need the tranny, as the Cummins bell housing pattern is different from SB & BB patterns. You will need the radiator for the Cummins and if possible, the radiator wall. If you can't get the rad wall, you'll need to modify your current rad wall so that the Cummins rad fits flush against the inside surface of the wall, because the engine is very long compared to a V8.

Everything else fits just right, the engine drops in with no other mods. As for wiring harnesses. The Cummins trucks have their own harnesses depending on the engine year. The newer 24V engines are computer controlled and require the harnesses. You don't nesarily need the harnesses for the older non-computerized engines, but much of your old harness will be useless for the diesel.

Other things you should consider when making this swap is that you should swap both axles. The Cummins has about twice the weight of your small block. While your Dana 44 front axle can physically support the weight, the weight will eventually hammer it to death. A Dana 60 front is seriously recommended when installing a Cummins, or at least build a beefy truss for your current Dana 44 and expect to replace ball joints more often.

You should upgrade the rear axle to a Dana 60, Dana 70 or GM 14 bolt. The Cummins produces alot of torque, and it's bad enough that 9.25s are known for big backlash. With a Cummins hammering the gears, the 9.25 will not last long.

You can see my swap here;


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Werewolfdodge said:
RXT, dude, your RC is Sweeeet....can't wait to see it when you have the proper rubber on it.
Yeah me too ;D

One question: what did you use to paint the grill and bumpers black? I'm kinda going for a "stealth" look on my truck ( I REALLY hate chrome) and am trying to color cordinate it. I don't have the money for automotive paint though. But once again, sweet ride man.
Thanks for the complement. The black paint is nothing more than Rustoleum flat black. The grille is made of aluminum and plastic. Both tend to hold paint. The bumper will likely lose it's paint, but I'm eventually replacing the bumpers. The truck had painted bumpers when I got it, and when I swapped engines, I took the newer grille and bumper and painted them black.

There are products that do a better job of sticking to chrome. If you don't mind texture, (You won't slip off when standing on it) you can get a quart of Hurculiner in black or red. POR15 is another great product and because it's very shiny, it looks like black chrome. If you have more money to burn, Rhino liner or other professional sprayed on bed liners can be applied to the bumpers, and they can match the truck's color.

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