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Hi dose anyone have any pics of 90 and up ramcharger interior that you could e-mail me or post?I am remodleing my truck and am looking to see what the newer stuff looks like maby if I like it I will retro fit some of it.

Also I am looking for a fix on my stupid seats, the passenger one's lifting set up is all screwed up and it would be nice to somehow add some tracks so it can be adjusted foward or back to suite the passenger's confort also to be able to lift the drivers side would be handy too.
It would be cool if the r/c's rear bench seat folded down like a burbin or jimmy so you had a flat deck inside the truck makes a lot more usable space eh? comments on this?

P.S. my r/c is an 85 4x4 se and email me at [email protected]

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in an 85 your rear seat should fold all the way up. you can modify a passenger side base to fit the driver side so it also tilts up, just wouldnt tilt as much since the steering wheel is in the way.

as far as the slides for the passenger side should be able to make some off of a driver side work

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