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HELP? Stripped screw

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hey ne1 know how to get a stripped phillips screw out? its the 3 holding the tailgate handle and they are all stripped lol
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Is it the phillips head that is stripped or the threads? If it's the screwhead, take a hacksaw and cut a slot across the top, then use a flat bladed screwdriver (larger than the screw head) to turn it out.
ya i was going to do that but then i just drilled it out worked very good i guess it didnt matter because i would have to get new ones ne ways

o btw i was going to do that but i noticed a lot of rust and after drilling the head was completely rusted to the metal lol
One trick for phillips heads for future reference: Put a dab of any "gritty goo" (EG toothpaste w/ baking soda, petroleum jelly with some sand, gojo, any pumice "liquid" hand cleaner) on the screw head and/or screwdriver. Basically makes the head of the screwdriver gritty like sandpaper, and will extract 90% of those stripped screws.

when that happens to me i drill it out and pound a torx bit in it and it usually works or those craftsman ez outs work reall well
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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