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Help Please

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Hey,I need help with a some-what small problem.
I was reading this guys article about bolting down hood ornaments located here;id=4

I have a few low life theifs in my town and i wanted to bolt it down,I cut the spring like he said.
Then i went and tried to take the 'eye' out and the buttom of it broke off,Now there are only little peices left..Im not sure what the hell to do now,All i know is that this pisses me off.
I hope someone gives me a good idea on how to take the rest of eye out and continue bolting it down,Please help. :\'(
I tried a little WD40,Then try it..No go..
I think i just might go buy some super super glue and try that..I dont like doing things half assed though,I also do not like the dodge Icon looking bare on there with just the caseing.
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Glad it worked out. I've done 3 ram head ornaments this way so far, and have never had one break like that. I did have one where the threads stripped out on me, so I just cut bigger threads with a tap, and used a bigger bolt. Guess I should add a disclaimer to that "How To", no?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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