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Well I took the truck fer an after noon drive I thought the prob about the hesitation was gone becuz it hasnt done it in a couple of days. Well riding down the road it acted as if it was going to go dead acceling from 35 ??? It also does it when i give it half the pedal from a stop the truck will push me back in the seat and them act like it's going to die then come right back to life. I dont know How much does a TPS cost? DOes this still sound like the prob? I dont need a tune up. I do however need a rotor button and i dont need a dis cap but it would help. Please help me. It accelerates and drives fine as long as you barely give it any gas? But if you drive to drive it using a little bit of pedal it doesnt wont to run. OH it's a 318 TBI 1988 model 4x4 1/2 ton truck ???

I hate to be the to bring you the bad news but until you get the codes out of the SMEC you are not going to have a real good place to start looking I can think of 4 things right off the top of my head that could cause those kinds of problems
Fuel pressure
Fuel injectors
O2 sensor
egr system
at this point it is to expensive to just replace parts.
Here is something else you could try. Look in your yellow pages and see if you have someplace that only does the diagnosis it my be worthwhile for one of those guys to just check it out and tell you whats really wrong and then after they tell you go ahead and fix it yourself.
Good luck
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