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Help me get some spark....

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Hi guys,

I am in the process of getting my 'Duster back on the road again and I have an issue with a lack of spark. I had the truck running last week while doing some work around and it suddenly stopped. When I tryed to re-fire it I found I had no spark.

So today I replaced the igition control unit and I recently replaced the ballast resistor from a tip last winter(when again it had no spark). That time the ballast resistor fixed it. Now I am lost.

The symptoms are it will turnover fine and when I turn back the key it fires for a split second and that is the only spark I get.

Thank you guys for your help! I need the truck back in three weeks for my girlfriends senior prom. ;)

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Hi Chump,

I tested as you said and only got 8.5 volts during start on the positive side of the coil and 6.5 volt at the run position. The ballast resistor read 11 volts at the run position. Could it be that the coil simply is bad? I hope so seeing its a cheap part!

Thanks for your help! I need it.


I tested the pick up as you discribed and as the book said and I got 0 ohm's every time. Guess I have to replace it now. everything else tests out fine. Thanks for your help!

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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