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help! leaking transfer case!

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i have a 1978 dodge power wagon w150 with a 360 4 barrel, 727 trans and np 203 transfer case. when i had the t-case rebulit, the driveline shop used sea 90 wieght gear oil with a friction modifier, their reason being that 10w-30 oil was too thin for california weather. recently i changed the oil and accidentaly put in the 10w-30 with the modifier and it leaked everywhere. after consulting the driveline shop, i put in the 90 wieght gear oil with modifier and it continued to leak. after changing the oil numerous times to try and stop the leakage, the shop found the source of the leak to be the vent, located on the top of the housing. they relocated the vent to the highest point in the engine bay, and it still continues to leak. why would it still be doing this? would there still be residue on the inside of the case, and if so how would i clean it out? this problem frustrates my to no end. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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im positive that it is the vent, even though it is new. i had the seals replaced and there is no leakage from there. i could tell that it is from the vent because somehow the oil still manages to make its way all the way up to the relocated vent and leaks out of the vent and runs down the hose. im not sure if the oil is foaming or what. and the case is definitely not overfilled, because after the 5th time of draining and refilling i was extra careful in making sure nothing was coming out of the fill hole befire putting the nut back in.
im starting to think it couldn't be anything else! im wondering if it could be the modifier that might have cooked onto the inside of the case, and if so is there any way to clean it?
thanks for the suggestions. unfortunately, the shop didn't confirm the type of oil they were goin to use with me, otherwise i would have said no way in hell. the reason that i think something might be cooked inside, is because i used the 10w-30 with the modifier, which probably thinned it out to much. and even now with the 30 wt. in there, after a drive of around 60 miles, the case is damn hot. at least as hot as the transmission i would say. is that about the normal temp, or way over?
i didnt know the 203's had an oil pump. is it a possibility that maybe the oil pump got knocked around and repositioned, or maybe got clogged? and if the vent seal was toast, that would cause oil to come up through there that logical?
all the bearings and seals are on the output shafts are good because they were the first thing to be replaced after this problem started happening. is it difficult to replace the vent seal? if not, would the local parts store have one or would i have to go to dodge?
actually the only seals that were replaced were the front and rear output shafts. approximately what size and shape is the vent seal, and how big is it? it might be sitting in the bag of seals and bearings i picked up to replace the output shaft seals, but i would't recognize it if i saw it.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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