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help! leaking transfer case!

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i have a 1978 dodge power wagon w150 with a 360 4 barrel, 727 trans and np 203 transfer case. when i had the t-case rebulit, the driveline shop used sea 90 wieght gear oil with a friction modifier, their reason being that 10w-30 oil was too thin for california weather. recently i changed the oil and accidentaly put in the 10w-30 with the modifier and it leaked everywhere. after consulting the driveline shop, i put in the 90 wieght gear oil with modifier and it continued to leak. after changing the oil numerous times to try and stop the leakage, the shop found the source of the leak to be the vent, located on the top of the housing. they relocated the vent to the highest point in the engine bay, and it still continues to leak. why would it still be doing this? would there still be residue on the inside of the case, and if so how would i clean it out? this problem frustrates my to no end. any help would be greatly appreciated.

foolish kid
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To begin, I can't believe that damn shop put in 90wt. with the mumbo/jumbo BS reason they gave you.

Are you filling it in the right place? That square head nut backed out of its's impossible to overfill if you're filling it in the right place.

The 203 does not generate a lot of heat...can't believe anything is "cooked" in there.

I would suggest that you drain it again, dump a quart of Rislone or a pint of CD-2 in the case, fill it to proper level with 10W-30, drain it after a few hundred miles, then fill it with 10W-30.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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