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Help finding 4bbl linkage.

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Hey guys, the JY scrounging around here has turned up zilch. I'm going from 2bbl Holley to 4bbl TQ with the TF 727 trans and obviously need the 4bbl linkage. Also, the stock fuel line would be a nice bonus, but I can bend new stuff if needed.
Any help is of course appreciated.
Living in the boonies really stinks in times like this.....Then I look out over that clear blue horizon, and it seems to even out a lot!
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The linkage always seems to be the most difficult to find / get right (I've learned from observation - lots of it!).

We'll keep our eyes open around here for you. Keep us posted in this thread as to whether or not you find one.
Me and my old man are going out to Thatcher on Saturday to get some parts for my Fury. If I see anything of interest on the lincage, I'll grab it and let you know that night when I get back. If you don't want it, I'll just keep it for my self.
see ya later
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