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hello all im new to bilding mopar any tips ? it is a 413

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im bilding my first mopar it is a 1975 413 came out of a school buss i have bored it 40 over and got new pistons
dish is all i could get i have a set of 1969 906 440 heads
with 208/174 valves closed chamber heads it was a 4 bb intake and carb holly im going to change it with a
thourma quad it is going in a 1966 dodge coronet 500

any tips ? ty richard
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Better fix the soft exhaust seats on those 906's in order to run on junk gas. They are open chamber btw, not closed chamber. The TQ is a good choice.
yeah and figure out what comp your running, you may want to mill them a few, putting it in a coronet for what street use or what
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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