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Header coating...DITY

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Has anyone coated their own headers?

I just got mine and was thinking of using some 1500 degree paint, but wasn't sure if the shipping black needs to come off. Does anyone know?

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I have tried almost every header paint out there and I have not found on yet that would not burn off after time. Some are better than others, but none of them will stick forever. Prep is crucial for any paint to stick, remove ALL of the "factory" paint, at best all it does is keep the headers from rusting while they are in the box. Ceramic coating, while expensive, works well. I have used some header "wraps" with some sucess, they are a pain to put on. My last header "paint job" consisted of header wrap on the first 8-9in. of the primary tubes, and paint from there down. The paint has discolored, but not burned off. The wrap is hard as a rock now, discolored, but acceptable.
I even bought the Eastwood high dollar high temp paint that they gurantee to cover and last. I started with a brand new set of Hookers, had them alum. oxide blasted, solvent washed and baked at 400 degs. to get all of the oil out of the surface and then washed them with MEK again, before I applied the paint per Eastwood's instructions.....Needless to say after 8 months, they look like they're 8 months old.....

Jet Hot sent me a quote, a VHS tape and 8 lbs of testimonial brochures today in the mail, geeeeeeeee they only want $300.00 to coat my old headers inside and out with their material, that consists of 2 coats of aluminum and a ceramic coating over that, with a lifetime gurantee.... It'll probably last like they say, but I only paid $169.00 for the headers from Summit in the first place. Now another $300.00 on them?

a guy at bbd, got a quote from , 230 for stain black(good to 2000 deg), 260for ceramic sliver( 1300 deg). has a 5year warranty.
Thanks guys, maybe I'll look at the professional option when I have some good headers...these are the Summit $80 variety, so it's hard to justify a couple of hundred to make look for a while....they'd be the best looking thing my camo'd ram had on them.
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