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Gun Rack for RCs

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this is from an RCC member. here is the link.

it`s called camo extreme, the # is 1-866-321-camo. they also have a website, the gun rack is NOT in his camo catalog, but may be on the web site.


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phoenix827 said:
Woudn't that bounce around a bit? Granted it's on a padded seat, but I think a strap might be a good idea to hold it tight to the seat back.
They do NOT bounce around! they are rubberized, They stay put.
willy J said:
the e-mail i got sais he will custom make em for our rigs.
It fit my `79 and also my `86. ;D
willy J said:
Aha ! heres the fellah i owe the credit too!
Did you get one too? ;D
jpryorx2 said:
thats sweet too bad it's not legal here.i wanted to make one on the roof t hold at least 4or 5 guns that could also hold fishing poles.but can't really get away with it .

Can`t carry guns in your vehicles? I`ve hunted there all my life and have never been told I couldn`t carry a gun in a gun rack. Do they have to be in a case now? They will fit in this rack even in a case.

jpryorx2 said:
from every thin i'v read all guns and bows must be cased while transporting.but on the other hand i could make thru the center of town carrying my rifle during hunting season and noone would think twice.if i'm wrong please correct me beause i'd love to be able to just put them in a rack.
Always carried mine in a rack, not cased, Where is Atlanta? I`m from a little town north of Port Huron myself.
Dodge 85 RC said:
What about one that could mount along one of the side windows? I would like to find something like that would mount against one of the side windows of my RC.
I have one that fits the side glass of the older RC`s, had trouble reaching in to it though. This newer one is not noticed in it`s location, you have to really be looking to see it.
send them to me as well!
Willy, can ya post them?

1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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