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After 3 months or so of not being able to frequent the site, it is clear that RCC is experiencing some growing pains. As a result, I have seen changes to the site that are both good and bad, however........

We should all remember that this site grew for one reason and one reason only, IT IS A GREAT SITE!!!! I mean, for Christ's sake, we have a Chevy guy on here. [I never thought I would see the day].

My message here is just that we should be cautious about making too many rules or canning too many negative posts/threads. People like this site for what it is, and some may rant and be it We always have the option to just terminate trouble-makers.

Lastly, Sam, you have done a great job. If RCC would have paid somebody to set this site up, we could not have done better. Thanks again for all your time and effort.

My take, take it or leave it!


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