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Grady the 1993 W150

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Fast approaching my 30 year anniversary with this truck, 01/23/93. Am starting this thread to motivate me and get a little advice along the way. I doubt I'll ever be the guy doing engine or tranny repairs but I'm willing and able to take on the easier tasks, albeit slowly. There are plenty of cleaner and better Dodge trucks than this one but I'm sentimental towards it. In one word, reliable. Certainly not a heavy hauler, speed demon or comfort queen. 318 Magnum with NV 4500. Pretty much all stock. Just turned 100k on a trip up the valley to pick up some scaffold. Ol' Grady was my work truck for 5 years and daily driver for 10. Then rarely driven, barely maintained for 15 years. Couldn't stand to see the paint fail, so a friend who owns a body shop did a decent paint job in 2012. Around 2018 I started giving it some sporadic attention; brakes, steering, fuel system & suspension. I crawled underneath and scraped/sanded rust then "slapped" some POR on. I never had the desire or made time to work on my vehicles previously.

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Maybe the 31 x 15's with a 2" lift isn't the best profile but I'm rolling with it. 3.55 gearing. The orig. wheels I like a lot. Green 'n gray...hell yeah.

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Nothing to see here. Gotta clean the engine bay. What happens when a body shop doesn't align a hood correctly. Oblivious me.

Partial list of upcoming repairs, improvements:
  • door gaskets, window sweeps etc. re-align driver door
  • diagnose clutch, slight hopping when letting out in 1st and R???
  • remove rear diff cover, inspect drive, paint and re-seal; fluids
  • change fluids, NV 4500, NP 241, D44
  • quit procrastinating and convert to LED brake and signal lights
  • correct the Dodge lean
  • replace body mount bushings, trans mount; remove rust, paint
  • restore, paint ac & coolant hard lines (rusty and pitted)
  • check codes
Lot's of knowledge, fantastic restoration and mechanical work here on RCC. MoparBob, Panda with the fine details. Super, DB, CCB and Toxic with solid advice, vast expert know how. Kurt, Max, Neil, Mtaff & Dodgeman87 with the some badass trucks (just to name a few).
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That is a beautiful truck! Very cool story that goes with it. If I could find a set of those wheels, I'd be rolling with them on my rig.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
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