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Got off my butt, and....

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Sanded and buffed the RC out. It had a shine before, but lots of junk in the paint, and orange peel, etc. I wet sanded it with 1200 grit, and rotary buffed to a glassy finish. This pic doesn't do it justice of course ;D,,,,Cruisin

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Hey your truck looks real nice, I like the shine
damn man looks good, wish my RC looked that sharp

love the rims too!
hold on let me put my sunglasses on 8), sweet shine man
Thanks guys, I appreciate it. The rims are stock steelies that came on it. I painted them black, then got trim rings from Autozone, and the moon caps from a trailer supply store. Less than $100, including the spray can :p,,,,Cruisin
Actuall has some class now ;D . Nice job on the body . I know that is a hell of alot of work too . Turned out geat though .

ive asked b4 but i forgot. are those stock mirrors? and stock paintjob? looks sweet man, the rims look kool just a lil to far from the body, u better bring them closer together to finish off the look. DROP TIME! good work.
show truck! ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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