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Got my wheels...need tires....

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Anyone have any used 31x 10.50-15 or 33x10.50-15
Mud tires for sale....inexpensive being the operative word...for project low buck Power Wagon?
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I have 4) 31x10.50x15's with about 30% tread left. You'd have to get them off my Dakota rims down here in Salem. But they'd be free.
DO you still have these Sky? Are they mud terrain or all terrain? Can't beat the price!
Yes, They are Goodyear Wranglers RT/S. They are the tires that come on Dakota's with the increased tire size option.
Sky...I looked these up on the net. I have a set of tires similar to these on my truck...I was looking for something more aggressive. Thank you for the offer though!

Understand. If I come across anything I'll holler.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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