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I got a nice pair of BB 915's yesterday. Look stock, never planed, valves and springs look OK, no rockers or shafts. As a side note, remember if you are going to buy 915 BB heads, they have 2 different possible exhaust valve sizes...1.74 and 1.60. You want to get the 1.74's so you can avoid having to install the larger sized seats with bowl work. I got lucky...this fellow I got them from has "a few pairs"..first thing I see when I walk in his personnal shop is 3 426's with dual carb set-ups on engine stands. He has his 340 duster (516 HP dyno'd) in pristine shape (originally a 318 car) as his daily driver, and a 70 roadrunner 426 4 speed being restored beside it. He has so many great parts I could'nt believe it. A pile of hemi cranks (2 Kellog ?? cranks), a blower setup, twin tunnel ram set up, piles of 440 blocks, rods, pistons, extra hemi heads, yada, yada, yada. He did have 2 other 426's that he sold for $16,000. Cdn each. He had some of the dual spark hemi heads and covers, racks of stuff. Other cars at some other spot. Man, this guy really got into Mopar and Hemi stuff about 8 years ago and prices have jumped nice since then. Good thing I'm honest.
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