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Okay i just got my 1st 4x4..

I have never even owned a american car.. its a dodge ram charger.. on 33' super swampers and a 4' lift..
its dark blue the body is great with one dent by the passenger side headlight .. and the interior is [email protected]

but the paint job is cool other then the thick silver pinstripe..(anyone know how to take that off????)

okay so I know nothing about 4x4ing .. what do i need.. ? what dont i do ? can someone shed some light ? i am so excited.and will have pics pretty soon maybe tonite....

i drove 400 miles on it this weekend picking up a friend and drove without even a hiccup its great.. (but i was wondering why does my truck shake when i get to about 70-90MPH? tires not balanced? can you balance 33' superswampers?)

this is so cool..

I have always wanted a 4x4 now i have one .. with cool tires and rims..=)... but i did get stuck in a some mud it was high centered from going thru my freinds tracks ( huge ford on 44' or something) he said the axels were stuck .. and my tires were skimming on the water .. but it was still a great day!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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