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Got a new 4x4

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Well I finally did it, I stepped up to the plate and bought a brand spanking new 4x4. I know you guys are gonna bash me 'cause its a '03 Tahoe LT with all the bells and whistles. Locking rear diff, skid plates, leather, 327 tow package etc. Its too nice for me. Traded the GMC Safari for it. The sales woman said "I want you to take it off road and try it out". I told her no off roading for this one, just dirt roads. I've got a good truck for that. Jackie said when I got it, " Happy 21th Anniversary baby". Let the bashing begin.
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sweet! got any pics?
YOU...go, boy. If Dodge made something similar I bet you would have looked at it, right? You gonna tow the RC to Moab with it?
I was thinking of using it to tow the RC but I think the trailer and the RC may be just a little too heavy. The Tahoe is rated for 6900#s max. My father-in-law just gave me a '72 GMC 3/4 ton. I've got to make plans to go to WA and drive it down. I need to have the transmission looked at cause it jumps out of 3rd gear.
hey joe, if you need any dealer parts for that GMC or Tahoe give me a call (602-741-3747) and i can set you up with my employee discount at Lou Grubb.
Thanks Nick, I'll be needing parts for the GMC, I don't know what yet. On the Tahoe I'm still looking for the button for the butt scratcher.
Thats a SICK Rig :D <---huh, did I write this, There sno picture before it, and Im wondering why I got a notice in my E-mail of me posting here. ??? ??? ???
butt scratcher? almost to good to be true. I'll have to go test drive one ;D

i just rolled over 100k trouble free miles on my 01 Silverado at work. That thing should last ya for a long time. Just dont trade it in if the power window switch dies ;D
JPJ; Just a note on your Tahoe.......My mom rolled hers(02) over the guardrail about two weeks ago on the Beeline Highway to Showlow.She walked away with just a black eye and some bruises.Sorry no pics of the SUV, didn't have my camera with me.It was totaled, it took a good beating.I couldn't believe thats all that happen to her .I would feel safe about riding in one anytime.
Thanks for posting the picture Nick.
Good to here your mother is okay maverick148, sounds like a really bad rollover. I have no complaints on the truck except its in the running for gas mileage with the RC.
Anyway, Doesnt look bad at all. Good thing you picked that over a ferd SUV
i like it!

i'd like to get a Denali, only 50k :eek:
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