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Goodyear Wrangler RTS

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I aquired these tires used, but they were still in good condition with more than half of the tread still on them. for the record, they were 225/75/15's, or 28.5" tires. not large by any measure, but they perfectly replaced what was on there before. road noise is somewhat detectable, compared to the passenger car tires that were on there before, but that is expected of any light truck tire. mud and snow traction is pretty good, I have only run into a few times in the last while where I have lost traction, but never gotten stuck. this was on light off road, or messy back road conditions though. the tread life seems to be fairly decent, probably since the tread compound seems to be rock hard, which also means that im dry cold weather, it is alot easier to lose control, this compared to the no-name tires that I had before, supposedly made by bridgestone. all in all, this is a good tire for a stock equipped vehicle, or a 2wd truck looking for a bit better tire than OE, though these are OE, or Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers. if I were to buy thsese new, I might pass them by, mostly becuase I've tried other brands on other vehicles, and I liked michelins better, just my opinion.

for reference, the vehicle these were tested on was:
1988 Dodge Ram D100 Long bed
3.9 V6, 3 speed automatic. lists these tires for sale for $76 (for this size).
they also list these as Highway all season tires
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My dad has these on his Dakota, they are the originals and have over 50,000 miles.
Had these on my Dodge dakota, they were bad tires. I have never had a set of goodyears that I liked. The RTS's were awful in the mud, and even worse in the snow. After I had them syped they were decent on compact snow/ice, but were still crappy on mud and deeper snow. Treadwear was decent, with about 70% tread after 16000 miles. They made some noise on the highway, but were overall fairly quiet.
I've got them on my '84 RC, '89 RC, '90 RC, and '99 Durango. Best tires I have ever ran.
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