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My 79 RC has just the heater box, not the a/c heater box and it's always been pretty cold in that thing in the winter. When the PO had a fender bender, the rad got replaced with something newer and that might be part of my problem. Generally have to block off the top 1/4 of the rad with card board in the cold weather. Top hose is nice and warm, bottom of rad is too cold unless I block some of it off. Yeah, maybe a t-stat issue but pretty sure I changed that when changing the manifold.

Anyway, this year I did something different. I opened up the sliding door on the heater box and felt around for leaves blocking the core. Found a few but nothing serious. Noticed [for the first time?] that the opening to cowl on that side was wide open - as in sucking in freezing cold outside air. As a test I cut a piece of cardboard to fit, shoved it there and blocked it off. Must of gotten a pretty good fit because very little air flow out of the vents if I closed the sliding door. With the door open and recirculating the inside air, I actually get enough heat on a cold day to move the temp control level toward cold.

Was looking through the FSM and parts book last night looking for something else dash related. Noticed some pics showing a cable operated door to block off that cowl vent on heat only heater boxes. Seems like a good idea but I don't see any where it would have been removed from on this one. My other trucks have the a/c box so I can't check them. So, does this outside air door actually exist or is it just something that made the books but not the trucks??
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