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Jeffro said:
So after my RC left me stranded again, I've decided I probably need to ask for help since I'm out of ideas.

First of all, Ive got a 87 RC with a 360 and a Qjet. It seems that when my gas gauge says empty, I really have a half tank. The sending unit in that tank went out a few months ago, so I replaced it, but the one I took out did the same thing while it still worked. Another thing is the fact I had to bend the sending unit and float to get it to fit in the tank. Again, the one I took out was the same way. The unit I put in was a Mopar piece, so I dunno what the deal is with that. Anyway, Im sick of only being sure that I have a half tank. Anybody have some ideas?
to calibrate remove the unit from the tank. ground it to the truck with a jumper wire. plug the wire from the gauge back up if you unplugged it . turn the ignition on, and have somebody watch your gauge. bend the arm so that the float is just above the pick up when the gauge reads empty. this way you can see exactly what the fuel level will be when the gauge reads empty. then if it wont fit back into the tank curse and find somebody smarter than me to help you. 8)
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