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Mohammad came over this afternoon and we spent some time pulling a 727 trasmission apart so he could use some internals he needed out of it. That was pretty fun for me because I hadn't been in one before.

This one came out of a 440-powered Newport or something, and looked (to me) like brand-new inside. It even had the 4-pinion planetaries.

Anyway, when we got done with that, we scarfed up some yummy chicken taco casserole that Twister made, and then went out as the sun was going down, to the local gravel pit for some twi-lite 4-wheeling.

We took the Ramus and Mo had his diesel. The recent rains made it a bit soggy, but nice after so much dust.

We messed around in the pit till it was good and dark, and presently I got a glint off a reflector in the very middle of the pit, which had a fair amount of water in it.

I put my KC lights in that direction, and saw a Ford F-150 mired in the mud in the center of the pit. Nobody was around, but a couple of scraggly hound dogs came out of the darkness.

Mo and I discussed the situation for a minute, and were going to pull the F-150 to freedom, when out of the darkness came the owner.

English not being his first language, we discovered with some difficulty that not only was he stuck, but had a dead battery as well. We decided to pull him out and jump start him, in that order.

The mighty Cummins pulled him out with no difficulty. Getting him started was another matter. When he raised the hood, I noted a lack of any form of air cleaner, and a carb covered with mud and water.

When we tried to crank the engine, it gave the indication that it was hydraulic-ing and had no intention of starting. We gave up on it after a while, and the owner said he would go get his Bronco, as he lived nearby. We bade him and his canines farewell and did a little more offroading, and then came on home.

Just a little Sunday evening outing in the Ramus.

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It's never fails to amaze me. 1) That some one, in the dustiest state of the Union, would go 4 wheelin with no air cleaner, and 2) THE POWER OF THE CUMMINS!!! <grunt><grunt>
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