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Full time to Part Time

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We are wanting to go from full time small bolt pattern to a part time big bolt pattern. The trick is we'd like to keep the diffs we now have. Is it possible to swap out the hubs and rotors? How much trouble involved. Is there more that has to be changed. Thanks guys......There you go Shorty, I asked and it's posted....
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hewpD said:
Does the fulltime axle have a lowsy bearing design compared to a fulltime unit with spindles? The way I see the exploded view in the manual looks like if you blow a bearing thats just pressed in the rotor that the whole damn wheel will fall off. Btw won't the steering linkage have to be changed or modified?

the way it is designed, even if you blow the bearing, the odds of the wheel falling off is pretty slim, it is held on by a 1 11/16 nut as well as the hub being bolted on. also last time i removed the full time hub on one of these it took me 30 minutes with a 10 pound sledge (just cuz i didnt have the hub puller), so it is not likely they will fall off

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