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Fuel system question.

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Ok i have a 15 Gal gas tank in my RC. I have a chance to get my hands on a 33 gal tank out of a 90 RC. Question is, Can i leave the fuel pump in the new gas tank? it is from a tbi set up and has the pump in the tank. I know you can run an in line fuil pump with your mec one. Can I do the same with the pump in the tank? Hope this makes sence.
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Nope, Nate, that pump in the tank has way too much pressure as Steved said. Your mech pump only puts out 7 or 8 psi, where the FI pump is like 45 or 60 psi. Your carb would look like a patio water fountain.

Inline electric pumps are available for carbs like ours, but they also only put out 7-8 psi.
slow down ......... dont scrap that tank yett ...... you can run that tank with the in tank pump. all you have to do is wire the in tank pump to a switched hott (wire is hot with the key on) and install a adjustable fuel pressure regulator in the fuel line before your carb(preferabily under hood near the fender well) be sure the regulator has a return line and route that return line back to the tank .. the tank will have a fitting for it. set the regulator for about 7pounds of pressuer, and your in business. never never never run an eletric fuel pump before your mechanical pump..... first off you will be pushing fuel tru your mechanical pump and it will impeed flow and if the diafram in the mechanical pump ruptures of leaks (and is likely to do with that much pressuer you will be pumping fuel into your oil and it will automaticaly wash all your engine berrings and internal components. now before you say hey a clean engine is a happy engine, there goes all the lubrication of your engine and you will glaze your cylinder walls, eat up your berrings score your crank and destroy your cam. so i say pitch your mechanical pump, put a block off plate over the hole,and follow my directions on a regulator and live happly ever after.......... a side note your mechanical pump will have a hard time pulling fuel tru that eletric pump if you plan on going the other way .......... oh and a side note if you like you can run the power supply tru a oil pressure sending unit (one desinged to do this) and should your oil pressure fall below a safe level it will shut off the fuel to your engine, or if your into radical wheeling you can get a sensor that will kill your fuel in case of a roll over both of which will save your engine and reduce the risk of a fire.......... you can do that with a mechanical pump! David
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Yes, I agree with the yeti ;D, I wasn't meaning you should not use the tank. His suggestions re: the fuel regulator are good, and the use of the oil pressure cutoff switch as well.

I was just kinda channel-locked on whether the pump would work as-is or not. I'll try to be a little more open-minded in the future.

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