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Fuel Pumps

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I am working on getting all the parts necessary to convert my '86 Ram to fuel injection. I have a 360 (5.9) out of a 96 Ram, I will be using a Megasquirt computer to control fuel dilivery and keep the MSDS ignition box. My problem is finding an economical fuel pump. I don't want to spend the $300 + to get an aftermarket inline pump and regulator unless I absolutely have too. So my question is this, what is the fuel pressure that the TBI motors run at ( I need 49.2 psi) . My thinking is that I might be able to get the tank and all from a '88-93 and swap it in? Also, how simillar are the tanks in the post '94 tanks, and could they be swap in without too much hassle.
Thanks for your input guys.
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I am not trying to break your balls or say something negative, but you are talking about a fuel pump and going to a junk yard and playing games with a junk pump and tank, to save a few dollars to possibly leave you stranded somewhere.

On the question at hand though the tanks should be the same except for the sender assembly which you might be able to go to the auto parts store and buy just that and put it in your tank.
The TBI units only produce 14-17 lbs of fuel pressure
Thanks gmule for the info on the fuel pressure. The reason why I wanted to use the 88-93 tanks is that I can get a NEW pump for that application for a lot cheaper than an aftermarket inline fuel pump. And the fact that wouldn't need to buy a seperate fuel pressure regulator.
i know the 93 Rc's and trucks had the FI engines so the gas tank would be the same witha high flow fuel pump in it cuz those are FI .
The '93 didn't have multi port..... Did they ??
White said:
The '93 didn't have multi port..... Did they ??
Yes they did and 92 318's were MPI also. So 92 318 and 93 pumps will work in a fuel tank of that year.
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