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Fuel lines

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My steel fuel line is leaking my my tank. I'm guessing its the return line. Where would I be able to get a new one? And how can I fix it in the mean time. I think it's just a hole or crack. On a 1991 318 TBI
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Is the leak from a break where you can see it, or is it a drip running down from somewhere up above ?
It's a drip, but I think I know where it's coming from. Trouble is, it's in a bad spot between the frame and tank.
Well, yeah, leaks look for the hardest spot to get to, then start there :mad:

Sounds as if you will have to unbolt the straps holding the tank up, lower it down gently, and then see what comes next....
You could possible cut the hose out with a tubing cutter, flare it, and put a rubber hose on it.
Or a flare connector, or possibly a compression fitting. Depending on the application..

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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