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frt. and rear lift- how to go about???

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I have decided to go with 2" add a leafs in the front because my front leafs are starting to go...the question is what do you guys recommend for the rear as far as lifting??? shackle flip, add a leafs, blocks??? What would be the best as far as smooth ride, and some offroading?

If shackle flip, i'd like to lose the block..if i get shaggy's can I use just those mounts and the stock shackle that on my truck now? will that lose the block? And would that be about a 2" lift in the rear?

wow, sorry about all the questions.....
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Leaves up front are fine but will stiffen the ride and will add a leaves out back. Blocks are fine but will promote unwanted axle wrap. Not sure on a shackle flip-never done it. If you are not going to buy new leaves then I would just go for add-a-leaves.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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