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frt. and rear lift- how to go about???

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I have decided to go with 2" add a leafs in the front because my front leafs are starting to go...the question is what do you guys recommend for the rear as far as lifting??? shackle flip, add a leafs, blocks??? What would be the best as far as smooth ride, and some offroading?

If shackle flip, i'd like to lose the block..if i get shaggy's can I use just those mounts and the stock shackle that on my truck now? will that lose the block? And would that be about a 2" lift in the rear?

wow, sorry about all the questions.....
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The shackle flip is possible, but how much lift you want will depend on the location of the shackle bracket on the frame and the length of the shackle, and wether or not you use a block, so there isn't gonna be a simple answer to this.

When I did my shackle flip, I was looking for 10 inches of lift. I kept the factory block, stuck in an Add-a-Leaf, and I had to install a 7" lowering shackle for a GM, flipped upside-down to raise the truck. I also lowered the front spring hanger about an inch on the frame.

From what I read here, you can follow the plans to build Mrpeal's shackle flip, remove the block and you won't gain any lift, or leave the block in and gain 4 inches of lift. Doing a shackle flip for only two inches of lift seems like alot of work, but if you can do it for nothing then try dropping the hanger on the frame and experiment with shackle length and removing or keeping the block. Shackles can be purchased in any length, but you'll have to buy shackles for GMs and you'll have to check out the lowrider shackles, remember that you'll be flipping the shackles so that shackles rated to lower a truck, will raise your truck when you flip the shackle.

Good luck
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