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Front Wheel Bgs w/MM conversion kit HELP ME CHUMP!!!!!!

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I've got one of those bastard 79's with the full-time 4x4. It's got the Mile Marker part-time kit in the front axle. I didn't install it, it was in the front end when I put it under my truck. Any way, it appears the bearings have gone south, 'cause there is a lot of play in the wheels. What I need to know is, what's involved in getting to the good stuff, and what is factory and non-factory. Any diagrams and part #'s would be very beneficial. I gotta get this done yesterday and as inexpensively as possible. I am guessing I need to replace the bearings and seals. I haven't ever torn into a full time dodge front-end and certainly can't afford any mistakes on this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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I have never installed the part time parts but it appears that it uses the same stock bearings. Take a look at this article to get an idea of how it's installed. I have a parts list somewhere for the Milemarker hubs, I think it's on my other computer that I have disconnected..I'll look. Also look in the How-to's for the front end bearing change.
I have a MileMarker catalog here at the house and, after looking at it, it appears to use the same bearings. If you have a Chiltons or Haynes manual or, better yet, a FSM for your truck, just follow the directions for replacing the bearings and you should be ok.

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