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Front Clip Interchangeable???

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Can I take the" whole front clip" from a 1975 1/2 ton and bolt it onto my 82 crewcab? Can a 93 grill be used on this 75 frontend?? THANK'S for your help!!
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On the grille the `93 headlights are a couple of inches higher, you can move the headlight buckets but it is easier to use a `91-`93 radiator support(assuming you can find one). Is the truck going to have the Cummins? If so they have larger radiators and you either have to cut the support or use the Diesel rad support. I think you can put the `75 clip on the `82 but some things like the cowl have to be changed not 100% sure on that one.
the whole front clip as in hood, fenders, rad support, grill, etc should bolt up with little or no modifications, but a 91-93 grill will not bolt to the 75 front clip. u would need the front clip from a 91-93 truck.

the 70s fenders wouldnt match up with the 80s body lines. you could do the rad support, hood, cowl, grill, lil thing under the grill, and the bumper. im sure there is a way to make the 91 grill fit but it could be hard. remember, its not what you buy its what you build. :D
the 93 grill will not bolt to the 79 front. he used a new core support from an 80s truck, and a new valance. also the hood doesnt line up right.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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