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front 4x4 hub-single locking gear?

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my kid bought an 89 ramcharger 4x4. there is no tag on the front dif.
hubs have smack on grease covers, but no lock handle. figured they were automatic. opened them up to find a single gear, splined inside and outside held with a snap ring. full time hub engagement. before i go assuming, or buying a hub set, does this sound farmiliar to any of you. I appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks, Barry.
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Yes, this is what it should have. The R/C has a Central Axle Disconnect system. Do a search on CAD and you will find much information.
yeah, this has been a popular topic this week. a search should yield more info than u will ever need about the CAD system. welcome to the site!

Hey welcone to the site most likley this is what you suld have as the CAD system is stock on later models (85-93) the early ones are also full time 4x4
When you get a chance where in NY are you check out the chapters area :)
help was greatly appreciated. System works fine. Just the indicator lamp needs replacement. went from a $150.00 hub replacement to a 40 cent bulb. thanks guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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