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Hey guys! We found a puppy last week and the owners aren't coming forward. We put up signs and called the hotline and such with no luck. If we took her to the shelter, we found out she would have a good chance of being put down.
If you want her, let me know.

-6 months old? (although she's already the size of my 14 mo German Shepherd)
-Rotwieler/Black Lab? (a lot of Rottie)
-Friendly, good with my dog.
-Seems smart, she's picked up on some obedience training already.

She had no collar, so she may need shots and a-fixin'

She's SUPER sweet and healthy looking. We've got an ad going in this weekend, so hurry if you want her.

Oh, and when she barks, she goes, "DODGE! DODGE! DODGE!" really.

Jason- 602-361-5630 I'm in Scottsdale
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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