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I had to replace the muffler on my 86 RC (318;2bbl stock, 33x10.5 Pathfinder AT) and also wanted dual tailpipe with the chrome tips. 8)
The problem is I needed to keep the integrety of the existing single pipe exhaust due to the local emmission restrictions.

I got the Flowmaster muffler with a single 3" intake and dual 2.5" discharge. The installation was simple fits in place of the factory muffler. Then added two new tailpipes with the chrome 2"x 20" tips.

A local shop did the entire setup for $250.00+tax

Right off the bat I had a noticable better low-end torque
More Power ;D
also 3 MPG better in town and ~ +5 MPG highway ;D
and looks good and sound great ;D

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